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The mobile number tracker lets you find the location of any mobile number in India. You can trace the current location, operator name or internet service provider name and the signal/network type of the number. You just have to type the 10 digit number without +91 or 0 in the textbox above and click on the button that says “Track Number” and you’ll get all the required information.

Currently, the tracker only tells about the circle and operator of the provided number as providing the complete and accurate information of a mobile number is not allowed by authorities. If you want to know the name and address of the owner of a number, you should contact your local authorities. You can also use some apps and software to trace a mobile number and know the name of the person who owns it. Truecaller is one good app.

Also note that, although, we try our best to provide details as much accurate as possible, the name of service provider for a few phone numbers may be incorrect due to the availability of mobile number portability service.

“Circle” row in the result indicates the state or area where a mobile number was registered but it does not mean that the mobile number is currently present in that area. We also mark the circle on Google maps in a user-friendly way.

Our mobile tracker includes all three mobile series in India – 9XXX, 8XXX, 7XXX, however, some of the numbers in 8XXX and 7XXX series are yet to be added to our database.

The popularity of mobile phones, especially smartphones, has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Pretty much all the major smartphone brands of the world have hit the Indian markets, and there's hardly any latest smartphone model that's not launched in India within around 6 months of its launch.

However, this kind of crazy growth in the number of mobile users in India has also led to the emergence of various issues. For one, the crime rates are on a rise too, and probably a major reason for it are the easily accessibly mobile phones, as they help criminals execute their evil plans with ease.

This makes it important to monitor the use of mobile phones. Now, while security forces do have access to tools and information that help them find out the details they need about someone, this is obviously not possible for the general public. Well, we are not trying to say that such services or information should be made accessible to the general public (it will probably be disastrous to say the least), but there are times when you may need some basic information about someone's mobile number.

There can actually be several reasons for this. While there may be many of them, we will try walking you through some of the seemingly most common ones below.

Ensuring you're indeed buying a new SIM connection

Well, first things first, using a mobile number tracker to find out some basic details before buying a new SIM connection may turn out to be a wise thing to do. After all, with all the problems associated with shady network connections, it makes sense to make sure that the SIM connection and number you're being given is indeed new and hasn't been abused in the past.

While it may sound something very unlikely, it's worth pointing out that the cases of such mobile number and SIM frauds are on the rise. Using others' documents to get a SIM card and then using it for illegal things or criminal activities is also common nowadays.

However, most don't bother trying to check the reliability and status of the SIM card they buy, which is indeed surprising given the cases of SIM card abuse hitting an all-time high.

That being said, it probably makes sense to make sure any SIM card you buy comes with a clean profile by simply checking the number using a reliable mobile tracker.

Finding out important information about a stranger

Many times, you come across situations where you have to work on something with an absolute stranger. Similarly, you may also find yourself in situations where you have to trust someone you don't know much about with something important. Nowadays, it's common for different employees to work together on a particular project, and sometimes that may even involve going to some unknown place for business reasons.

During all such times, it can really turn out to be very useful if you get to know some basic and important information about the stranger or co-workers that you have to travel with or work with. While there may be many things involved while doing this, it also includes using a mobile number tracker to get the basic information about their mobile number, their network provider, as well as where the SIM card is registered.

This may help you find out whether the person you're working with is hiding anything about their whereabouts or being honest about it. If you find that they are either hesitant or not being honest about their details, it may mean that there are up to something suspicious and you should be as careful as you can.

This may even turn out to be extremely helpful when your children are going on a long trip with their friends or during other such situations, especially when you're not aware of who their friends are and who they will be with during the trip.

Tracing lost mobile phone

Mobile robberies, just like the growth in the number of mobile users in India, are hitting an all-time high lately. Mobile phones are probably one of the easiest things to steal, and robbers seem to be using this to great advantage.

Mobile robberies are surprisingly common in crowded public places, as well in trains and while travelling. Now while you may end up losing quite a bit of money depending on the cost of your phone and the balance your SIM connection had when it got stolen, there may actually be bigger issues to deal with.

First, if the robbers aren't just "robbers" who steal mobile phones to make a bit of money (stolen lost phones don't fetch that much anyway), they may use it for some illegal and criminal activities. While nowadays you have the option of getting your connection disconnected to avoid its misuse after your phone has been stolen, more often than not, it may be too late and the robbers (criminals) may have already misused it in some way.

Such things may very well get you in legal trouble, something you definitely wouldn't want to come across at any point. Similarly, even if the robbers throw away your SIM card, they may still use your mobile for illegal things by using another SIM card. While this would usually not get you in any legal trouble, it may still mean that your mobile is used for criminal activities, something you definitely wouldn't want as well.

Similarly, another huge disadvantage of losing your mobile phone is that you also loss all the important data, contacts and whatnot that you may have stored in it. More importantly, however, it's the fact that now some robbers or criminals will have access to them, and perhaps the last thing you would want is criminals and robbers having access to the data, probably pictures and videos, contacts, and other such important information of your friends and family.

It can pose a huge security threat, meaning that the loss may be much more widespread than just what you paid for your mobile.

However, while using a mobile number tracker may not exactly help you directly in getting your lost mobile back, or tracing the robbers, it may surely help other responsible citizens find out that the mobile was stolen when the robbers try to sell it.

For example, if the robbers try to sell your mobile to someone, and if they aren't into shady activities themselves, they may try to check out the history of the mobile phone before buying it. Now, while the robbers may have replaced the SIM card with another one, the potential buyer may still use the contacts stored in the mobile and try to find out where they are based in by using a mobile number tracker.

If they find out that most of the contacts are based in another state or area, they may inform the local police or other authorities that may be able to verify whether the mobile was stolen. This, in turn, may help protect the important information from getting shared among strangers, though it may not help you get your mobile back, at least not immediately.

The reason this is how sometimes things may work out is simply because the robbers obviously wouldn't want to sell your mobile in the same area where they stole it. They would obviously put themselves at a huge risk of getting caught if they do so.

Hence, they may instead go to some other area or even some other state, and try to find potential buyers looking to buy a used mobile at a very low price even for used mobile phones standards.

However, if the potential buyer(s) are indeed careful about not getting in any legal trouble and are aware of the fact that they should do some checks before buying a used mobile phone (at least one that has some private information), they may use a mobile tracker which may lead to the robbers getting caught or at least prevent your private information from getting shared with more strangers.

Staying away from shady apps and services

Well, now that we know how useful a genuine and reliable mobile number tracker can be, let us also tell you something about how to avoid falling for shady or spammy apps and services that claims to be provide you with all the information about any particular mobile number.

First things first, let us tell you that any mobile number tracking service or app can only provide you with some basic information about a mobile number such as the operator name (of the SIM card connection), the place (state) where it was registered in, with some services even sharing the circle where it was registered in.

However, no service is allowed, or even has the required resources, to provide you with the exact location of any particular mobile number. It's probably impossible to do so unless there's an involvement of legal authorities and its being done due to a genuine reason.

Similarly, even if someone service or app claims that they do provide the users with the exact location of the mobile numbers they search for, it would be outright illegal. It may very well be just a lie too, of course, as no service or app is allowed access to such sensitive information.

Even if you know some people who do have access to such information, such as employees of a mobile network company the number is registered with, it may be a legal offense to find out any such sensitive information about anyone.

This includes finding out or sharing the name, exact location, ID card details, or any other such sensitive information about anyone.

Hence, you may want to do yourself a favor and stay a mile away from all the services, websites and apps out there that claim that they can share such highly sensitive information with you about anyone, including their exact location.

A genuine mobile number tracker may only be able to share the operator name, as well as the state and circle the particular mobile number is registered in.

Why apps may be riskier?

Nowadays, there seem to be apps for pretty much everything, and finding out some basic information about mobile numbers is no exception. There seem to be tons of different apps on the Google PlayStore that allow you to find out the above mentioned basic information about any particular mobile number.

However, we think you would be better off using a website like ours, as apps may not be as reliable as our website, and may instead do more harm than good.

This is because many of them may ask permissions for things that they don't really need to use. In fact, apparently, such apps hardly need to use anything on your mobile phone to provide you with the basic details about any particular mobile number. This is because they just need to use their database to share the information with you, and so all you would need is a working internet connection.

If they ask access to things like your contacts, messages, phonebook and other such sensitive things, it's definitely a red flag. Such apps may spy on your activity and may even sell the sensitive data they collect over a period of time by spying on you. Similarly, they may even just be malicious or spammy apps that may infect your device with viruses and other such potentially harmful things.

A Final Word

After considering everything that has been shared above, we can easily conclude that a genuine and legal mobile tracker may come in handy at times. Similarly, it would also probably be wise to stay away from apps and services that claim to offer sensitive information or the exact location of any particular mobile number, for the reasons mentioned above.

Also, it may be wise to avoid any app that helps you find out basic information about any particular mobile number, as they may spy on you or come with things that may harm your device. They may also just slow down your phone as they may not be properly optimized and even use up more mobile data than they should.

Hence, the ideal thing may just be to use our website, as we try to provide very accurate basic information about a particular mobile number, and don't ask for any other details than what we really need, which is just the mobile number.